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Is your business making these common branding mistakes?

It’s still surprises us how many people have the misconception that developing a your

business brand only requires a new logo and matching office stationary. Renowned big names like Reebok, Sony and McDonalds have a whole team of creatives strategizing and designers working full-time on evolving their brand. It takes time and investment. Not every company has access to those types of resources and when whether you’re starting out or rebranding, it can be all too easy to overlook some of the common aspects of branding.

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10-minute social media assessment

How to use social media channels to their full potential with a quick 10-minute assessment.

Are you using social media to its capacity? Probably not, if you’re like most businesses, you don’t have the time or you don’t really understand how to use social media to it’s potential.
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What are lead magnets and why do you need to use them

A lead magnet is a freebie or special deal on your website, which captures your website visitors’ email addresses. It turns browsers into subscribers with a better success rate than most other email gleaning alternatives.

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How do you know when it’s time to rebrand

Rebranding your business can be a big undertaking as there’s more to a brand than simply refreshing your logo or revamping website copy.

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