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How to ensure your Facebook campaigns get results.

One of the biggest challenges for both new and established business, even corporate conglomerates who have a lion’s share of the market, is social media advertising. Ideas you thought were golden may not have generated as much interested as you anticipated.

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Creating a marketing Message that will drive your results

If you don’t have a clear, succinct message when you advertise, you’d be better off using your money to start a fire. How are you going to convince anyone to purchase your product or service, if you’re not even sure what you’re trying to communicate?  Read more >

The must-have website guide

In a highly competitive digital world your website needs to stand out to make a difference. It has to look good, be easy to find and simple to navigate. It needs to automatically adjust depending on the device and browser it’s being viewed on, and most importantly, it needs to be working for you after hours.  Read more >

What is retargeting and how does it work?

Marketing research has revealed that 98 per cent of first-time visitors to your website won’t engage your services or buy your products. You may be shocked by these statistics, but there is a marketing strategy you can try called retargeting.

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