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Making your Business Card Work

Most business cards are nothing extraordinary and get shoved into a wallet or purse where they quickly forgotten and never see the light of day again. And because of that you lose business. A prospective client will never get to know about your extended opening hours, your outstanding customer service or bonuses for repeat customers.   Read more >

The Write Direction for Company Profiles

Writing a profile for a brochure promoting your company can be a daunting process. So how do you know where to begin?  This straight-forward guide to what to and what not to include should steer you in the ‘write’ direction.  Read more >

SEO – What is it?

SEO – three little letters with colossal ramifications to websites, but what does it all mean?  Read more >

Word up!

Typography is an art which takes time to perfect. While there are no hard and fast rules to adhere to, there are some basic principles you should keep in mind. Font selection is not about choosing your favourite typeface at the moment. The best artwork in the world -be it a corporate newsletter, tri-fold brochure, website or business card can be ruined by using the inappropriate font. So with over absolute tens of thousands of font families and hundreds of weights and styles, how on earth do you choose?

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