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Move your branding with the times

Ever looked at your competitor’s branding and begrudgingly thought “That makes them look bigger and better than what they really are?”
Annoying isn’t it?   Read more >

Presentations in PowerPoints

There are times when a brochure or flyer is simply not enough, especially when you want to show off your company to a potential client.Yes, website are great and a must-have, but what about when you need something more personalised, specifically designed to highlight what your company can do for an individual client? Welcome to the world of PowerPoint presentations. Once upon a time you would have to drag along your laptop and a data projector, but now with the convenience of iPads, all your relevant stats, graphs, even photos of your staff members can be at the touch of your fingertips.   Read more >

What are QR codes? Do I need one?

Ever seen the ads in newspapers and magazines with the black and white pixelated looking dots in a box and wondered what is that? It’s called a QR code. QR Code stands for Quick Response Code and is the symbol for a type of matrix barcode which was initially designed for the automotive industry.  Read more >

What is RSS

Ever wondered what RSS stands for? It means Really Simple Syndication. Not all websites offer RSS feeds, but if they are available they are indicated by an orange and white logo   Read more >

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