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What the changes to Instagram mean for your business

Blink! And there’s been another update to the social media algorithm released. The latest changes to Instagram put into play in mid-March, has caused a frenzy amongst businesses owners. The new changes mean the Instagram timeline will show posts with high-engagement instead in an order based on the time and date they were posted. It is determined by the type of content Instagram thinks you will be most interested in, your interaction you have with the person or business and the relevance of each post.   Read more >

How can I improve my search engine ranking with content?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  Read more >

When was the last time you reviewed your Brand?

When did you last review your Brand? 
If its been a while, ask yourself...  Read more >

Cyber security and marketing your business

Is your business secure and geared for growth?  Read more >

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