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Marketing Minute: Social Media and Website Tips

Are You Being Solution Orientated? Are you making the most out of the increase in screen time we are all having these days as we look for the next update during this crisis. Now is the perfect time to focus on your marketing and get a 30-day game plan and focus on:
✅ Your Social Media, get a content strategy going to increase your visibility on social media to ensure your brand is seen with the right message at the right time.
✅ Focus on your Website, ensure it is optimised to make it your #1 sales rep that never sleeps ensure its sends the right message to your visitors and its geared to take leads and make sales.
Why not add a messenger chat, Facebook and Instagram feeds to connect and update your visitors instantly.
We are on our mobile devices more than ever so ensure your online business shopfront is making the most of this.
Stay safe everyone!

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