Brochure Design

Why does my business need a brochure?

A company brochure will enable you to reach those who don't have access to the internet. It sounds crazy, but there are still people who would prefer to browse a brochure.

A brochure is a hard copy your potential client can take away with them. Use them to as support for a sales pitch, hand out at a trade show or informative reading material.

Our brochures and advertising campaigns have proved to be very successful for our clients.

Corporate brochures give you the ability to communicate far more than you can squeeze on to a business card or flyers. It's the perfect opportunity to expand on your expertise, provide testimonials from satisfied customers, case studies, showcase popular products and give directions on how to get to your business premises. For providing more detailed information to your customers ask us about our websites, product catalogues and annual report. At XDesigns Advertising we can help you select a brochure design to meet your business needs.

Whether it's black and white or full colour, gloss or matt, a double sized A4 to a DL size perfect for a letter box drop or a tri-fold. We can cater to your brochure requirements.

For all your company's brochure marketing needs, XDesigns Advertising has a graphic design solution.

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